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Del Frisco’s Grille for Lunch

What’s better than a free brunch at the new Del Frisco’s Grille?  Not much!      Hubbard and I were treated this Saturday and loved every bite.  This is the steakhouse’s answer to a bar and grill.  Very stylish and a great location.  The patios is spacious.  They even have an patio upstairs in their second dining area.  Bonus:  they serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday.  I love that.  I’m always craving something delicious on Saturday afternoons.  I think if you see the pictures you’ll be craving it, too!

I’m a sucker for deviled eggs.  With truffle-chive vinaigrette?  Are you kidding?

Hubbard is still talking about these cheesesteak eggrolls.  They really were delicious.  Tender beef.  Cheesy, crunchy.  Great idea.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Carbonara Flatbread.  Isn’t it lovely?  Prosciutto, Parmesan, cracked black pepper cream sauce.  Kind of like a ham and egg pizza but better.  And we still haven’t gotten to the the entrees yet.

Want a drink?  How about that white Sangria?  So light and refreshing.  Makes you want to drink it all day!  The Bloody Mary comes with a tray of garnishes that you can use to fix up your own glass.  I never got to that because I was actually just interested in tasting the mix.  I hate a dull Bloody Mary and this one was nothing but dull.  Not too spicy, still full of flavor.  Of course, the brunch punch isn’t too bad either.

Bacardi, Malibu, orange and pineapple juices, grenadine… yum!

When I go to a new place for brunch I always try the Benedict.  This one was particularly good.

Sitting atop white cheddar and scallion biscuits, topped with chipotle hollandaise, the eggs were perfectly prepared.  I’m pretty picky about poached eggs.  This was a great entree and very filling.  Hubbard had to try the chicken fried steak.  He makes a mean chicken fried steak here at our house.  So, he can be critical when it comes to CFS.  Not much to complain about when it’s made from ribeye!

The chorizo gravy gave a nice full flavor to the dish.  Hub liked it a lot.  The steak was very tender and not chewy or fatty at all.  And yes, the crust says on the meat when you cut into it!  Delicious fries.

Yes, they are really called Sea Salt and Parmesan Frites.  Call them whatever you want.  They’re really good.  Maybe not as good as the desserts.  But, damn close!

This was my favorite.  Coconut cream pie.  Delicious!

Bread pudding?

Lemon cake?

Oh, come on!  You know you want it!  We’ll be going back for sure!

RedFork for Brunch

Got my first taste of Redfork yesterday!  Yep, Saturday brunch.  I love Saturday brunch because I can’t always have it.  So many places just serve brunch on Sunday.  And since I devoted my Saturday to not accomplishing anything, what better way to start than brunch?

They don’t really have a cheap drink special here.  But, the drinks are pretty special.  How about a White Bloody Mary?  It packs the punch of a regular Bloody Mary, just lacks the tomato.  Notes of celery, jalapeno Tobasco, a bit of citrus.  This is a seriously good drink and terrific for summer…

Sticking with the white theme on this white hot day, our next round was a caraffe of white Sangria.  Again, delicous!  Refreshing.  Light.  Loved it.

The next pleasant surprise was my breakfast.  I ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon.  I liked the addition of spinach to this dish.  Really deepened the flavors.  And the eggs…

Probably the most delicately poached eggs I’ve ever had.  Nothing worse than a hard poached egg.  Well, I guess a lot of things are worse than that.  But, I prefer the jiggly egg, myself.  The country ham was nice and salty.  Potatoes were great.  Overall, excellent breakfast.  

Hubbard got the Hanger Steak and Eggs with handcut fries.  I forget how much I love beef with Bernaise sauce until I taste it again.  Excellent.  Hub said, “They didn’t ask me how I wanted it cooked.  It’s perfect.”  I guess if you know how to prepare a hanger steak you don’t need to ask.  And look at those fries…

Are those some beautiful handcut fries or what?  Served with ketchup and remoulade for dipping.  I couldn’t stop eating that remoulade with those fries.  So tender and then crispy on the outside.

Loved the meal.  The people were friendly.  It’s a very comfortable spot.  Should be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.  I’m ready to go back for dinner!

Idle Rich Pub for Brunch

We’ve kind of gotten hooked on this place for brunch.  I love their mussels.  But, the eggs benedict is pretty damn good, too.  The hash browns have a nice little crunch to them.  And you can’t beat the $3 Bloody Mary!

Photo Essay Brunch at Taverna


So, do you know what it all is?  Have you ever had any of it?  I like Taverna myself.  The brunch prices are resonable.  Hello, $1 bellinis!

Smoke for Brunch

We’ve been on a brunch kick recently.  I love to try a new restaurant at brunch because it’s usually reasonably priced.  So, you don’t have to invest a whole lot on what could be something you don’t like.  We didn’t have any trouble liking what we ate at Smoke.  Smoke is located just down the hill from the Belmont Hotel.  We love the Belmont for drinks.  This was our first time at Smoke.

The service got off to a slow start.  But, once we finally had someone assigned to our table everything went smoothly.  The Bloody Marys were excellent.  A nice size and very flavorful, yet not too spicy. 

Hubbard chose the Smoked Brisket Cornbread Hash with poached egg, green chili rajas and pearl onions.  Did you notice the word spicy in that description that I took straight from their menu?  No, it’s not there.  It should be. 

 This dish was so spicy that Hubbard was sweating while he ate it.  He likes really spicy food.  A guy at the table sent his back because it was too spicy for him to eat.  It tasted great.  But, I really think a restaurant owes it to their customers to prepare them for the experience they are about to have.  The waiter didn’t even mention that it was a spicy dish when we asked about it.  So, if you like spicy, go for it.  It’s really good.

I got the Pulled Whole Hog BBQ Eggs Benedict.  This was surprisingly good.  The pulled pork was very tender and tossed with BBQ sauce before they throw it on top of the English muffins and top the whole thing with Hollandaise.  I wouldn’t have thought BBQ and Hollandaise would have made a good match.  It was delicious.

The real star of the show as the Thick and Smokey Country Bacon.  It’s housemade.  Cured and smoked on the property.  Look at how thick it is.  It was extremely good.  I believe Hubbard said, “I can’t believe how good this bacon is” three different times during the meal.  It was fantastic.  We both had a big strip of bacon as a side for $3.50 a pop.  Well worth it.  The breakfast dishes were $12 & $13, though they have lower priced items. 

I forgot what this pie was called.  Their entire dessert menu is pie.  But, this stuff was the closest I’ve ever seen a piece of pie come to being a brownie.  Chocolatey.  For sure.  Hubbard gobbled it up.

Overall we enjoyed our experience at Smoke.  It’s a nice casual atmosphere.  I’m curious about dinner and lunch now.

Hattie’s Tomato Bisque

I’ll tell you what, Hattie’s makes some seriously good tomato bisque.  In fact, it turned out to be the highlight of my brunch.  The Bloody Mary wasn’t too bad either. 


Sorry about the sloppy bowl.  I think I ended up with a bowl instead of a cup.  This was a lot of soup.  So delicious and creamy.  The little grilled cheese sandwich on the side of the bowl was a little cold.  Still, a tasty garnish. 

My Hangtown Scramble looked good.  Topped with what was described as bacon-wrapped fried oysters and hollandaise, how could it go wrong?  Well, the oysters seemed to be fried oyster croquettes wrapped in bacon.  There was definitely some kind of breading involved and I never could really identify an oyster.  It was fine.  But, frankly, it wasn’t what I thought I was ordering.


Looks good, though, doesn’t it?  Did I mention that they make really terrific Bloody Marys?

Monica’s Aca y Alla for Brunch

We’ve had some hit or miss brunches at Monica’s.  But, what always brings us back is those $1 margarita’s.  I think we’ve finally found the perfect brunch combination and I wanted to pass it on.  First, get a margarita and some Monica’s queso.  This is quite possibly my favorite standard chili con queso in town.  It’s on the thick side with bits of shredded spinach mixed in.  Very good.  And they have those cute, multi-colored chips.  So, have your first margarita with the queso and chips.  Then move on to the breakfast…


We’ve never had a bad experience with El Chicano.  Nice spicy breakfast potatoes.  Fluffy biscuits scrambled egg sandwiches topped with a gravy that has a light chipotle flavor.  A couple of slices of bacon.  Good stuff.  I go ahead and dip my potatoes in the queso now and then.  A little extra gravy…  I can never finish it all.  Plus, they have this breakfast sausage that comes in really big links, if you’re in a meat eating mood.  Have your second margarita with breakfast.  Such a pleasant way to start a Sunday.

Leftover Smoked Turkey Hash

OK, OK, that’s a glass of sangria with the hash.  Look at it this way.  We had a fabulous brunch, cheap drinks and didn’t have to pay $75 for it!  We can thank the Dallas Morning News for this.  That’s where he got the idea for the hash.  He used fresh peppers and onions from the yard.  A little Pepper Jack cheese…  damn, that was good!  (Does it still count as brunch if you don’t eat until 2:00 in the afternoon?)


Saturday was Pig Day

I am not kidding!  Yesterday Hub said, “You want to go somewhere and have lunch?”.  Silly boy.  Of course, I want to go somewhere and have lunch.  And that idea you had about going the Nasher Sculpture Center after lunch is a must!  It was a beautiful day yesterday, just perfect for a little outdoor fun. 

We decided on Sala Tex Mex.  I was very curious to try a $2 Mexican Mimosa and I had not been to the spot since it was Amuse.  They have a separate brunch menu on Saturdays.  But, we decided to go with the regular menu.  Maybe I should say that we decided to start with a few “starters” and that’s where we ended.  I’ve never seen a chili relleno offered as a “starter”.  This thing was huge!  I wondered whether the lack of rice and beans qualified it as a “starter” because it sure didn’t look like an appetizer to me.  I ordered the cheese relleno and couldn’t even finish the entire thing.  It wasn’t over-battered and was topped with a nice ranchero sauce.  I could have done without the huge pile of tortilla strips it was sitting on.  They were kind of awkward to deal with.

We ordered what they call “The Holy Trinity”.  For $8.25 you got a bowl of queso, guacamole and pico de gallo.  The pico a little less fresh than I might have prefered but the flavor was good.  The queso was mild and pleasantly creamy.  The guac was kind of chunky and exactly what I expect from a decent bowl of guac – mostly avocado and not mushed to death.  The salsas were both good.  One was served warm, one cold.  The chips were a little greasy but salty.  Hub loves salty chips.

Hub had the beef fajita nachos.  They were very good.  The nachos were well covered with refried black beans, white cheese and tiny hunks of beef.  I think there was even some cilantro thrown in there.  The dish came with a side of pico and sour cream.  These really were seriously good nachos.  Nice and crispy.  Yum.

Now, on to that Mexican Mimosa.  I’m not so impressed with this drink.  The Mexican part is the fact that they put tequila in it.  So, you’ve got this mimosa and it tastes like there’s tequila in it.  I don’t think so.  It just didn’t sit right with me.  It was one of those drinks that you kind of want to drink really fast so that you don’t have to actually taste it.  It was just funky. 

On the way over to the Nasher we stopped at City Tavern.  I had some Pinot Grigio and Hub had a Guiness and a Maker’s Mark.  I forgot all about the strange mimosa.  The Nasher is a really nice place and really a perfect size museum for me.  I get a little overwhelmed at the DMA.  There’s just too much of it.  We were going to go by the Wolfgang Puck run cafe in the Nasher for a snack before we left.  Unfortunately, they had just closed.

So, about 7:00 I persuaded Hub to go to Sushi Axiom for dinner.  More pig activity.  We had white tuna sashimi, beef tataki, the Tower of Pisa and veggie & shimp tempura.  After all that and a couple of glasses of sake I was ready for bed!  Luckily, when I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday, I was wrong!  I think I’m going to cook a Dominion Farms chicken today.  Now all I need is the perfect recipe!

Happy Sunday!  Go Cowboys!!!

Brunch at the Meridian Room

First of all, I have to admit that I used to visit this location 20 years ago when it was The State Bar.  It was the first place I had tempura.  Of course, we did a lot more drinking there than eating.  We have stopped in a few times recently for a beer.  Once I had the grilled cheese and Guiness stew.  Pretty good stuff.  Sunday we were there for brunch.

I don’t know if it was the column that Dallas Morning News ran in the Guide about best brunch places that had the Meridian Room so packed or if it is always like that on a Sunday.  People were asking how long the wait would be for a table.  All the waitresses could say was, “I don’t know”.  I mean, come on.  It is, first and foremost, a bar.  Who knows when people will leave?  They might sit there all day.

The website said brunch started at 12:00.  We should have gotten there earlier because the menu said it started at 11:00.  There are also more items on the brunch menu than are indicated on the website.  In our quest for the perfect brunch we require a serious drink special.  They’ve got it.  $2.50 mojitos and champagne drinks.  And I don’t think I saw anything on the menu over $10.  That’s nice, too. 

Hub settled on the steak sandwich and I had eggs benedict.  The egg dish was not as good as what we’ve been getting at Capitol Pub.  But, it wasn’t bad, either.  Plenty of sauce and the egg was prepared properly.  Lackluster hash browns, maybe even frozen because that’s sure what they tasted like.  Hub liked his sandwich.  He thought it could have used a bit more meat.  We are serious meat eaters.  The sandwich was served au jus.  I always enjoy that.  The bread was made by Empire Bakery and he said the roll was particularly tasty.  The fries were skinny, though a bit limp.   That was OK with him.  Hubbard said, “I like a lot of different kinds of fries”.

Overall, it was plenty good bar food.  And the service was pretty good, too, considering how packed it was.  Another nice thing about a place like Meridian is that you can come as you are.  No dressing up required.  If I find a particularly good brunch offering this may become one of my favorite brunch places. 

Did I mention that Wednesday nights they have half price food?  I’m sure we’ll go back and wax nostalgic about the good old days when Hub and Margie were first dating…  when I thought there was nothing better than veggie and shrimp tempura.