Brunch at the Meridian Room

First of all, I have to admit that I used to visit this location 20 years ago when it was The State Bar.  It was the first place I had tempura.  Of course, we did a lot more drinking there than eating.  We have stopped in a few times recently for a beer.  Once I had the grilled cheese and Guiness stew.  Pretty good stuff.  Sunday we were there for brunch.

I don’t know if it was the column that Dallas Morning News ran in the Guide about best brunch places that had the Meridian Room so packed or if it is always like that on a Sunday.  People were asking how long the wait would be for a table.  All the waitresses could say was, “I don’t know”.  I mean, come on.  It is, first and foremost, a bar.  Who knows when people will leave?  They might sit there all day.

The website said brunch started at 12:00.  We should have gotten there earlier because the menu said it started at 11:00.  There are also more items on the brunch menu than are indicated on the website.  In our quest for the perfect brunch we require a serious drink special.  They’ve got it.  $2.50 mojitos and champagne drinks.  And I don’t think I saw anything on the menu over $10.  That’s nice, too. 

Hub settled on the steak sandwich and I had eggs benedict.  The egg dish was not as good as what we’ve been getting at Capitol Pub.  But, it wasn’t bad, either.  Plenty of sauce and the egg was prepared properly.  Lackluster hash browns, maybe even frozen because that’s sure what they tasted like.  Hub liked his sandwich.  He thought it could have used a bit more meat.  We are serious meat eaters.  The sandwich was served au jus.  I always enjoy that.  The bread was made by Empire Bakery and he said the roll was particularly tasty.  The fries were skinny, though a bit limp.   That was OK with him.  Hubbard said, “I like a lot of different kinds of fries”.

Overall, it was plenty good bar food.  And the service was pretty good, too, considering how packed it was.  Another nice thing about a place like Meridian is that you can come as you are.  No dressing up required.  If I find a particularly good brunch offering this may become one of my favorite brunch places. 

Did I mention that Wednesday nights they have half price food?  I’m sure we’ll go back and wax nostalgic about the good old days when Hub and Margie were first dating…  when I thought there was nothing better than veggie and shrimp tempura.


3 responses to “Brunch at the Meridian Room

  1. Serious meat eaters??? Yay!!! Question: How do you guys like your beef prepared? Over the years, I’ve gradually changed from medium well to medium to medium rare. Finally, the last time we were at Steve Fields, I ordered my prime rib rare—and loved it! How about you guys???


  2. We’re still at medium. Mostly because it usually arrives a little on the rare side anyway.


  3. As well it should. This practice is actually intentional by many restaurants. When in doubt, err on the side of rare. If the customer complains, it’s easy to slap it back on the fire for another minute or two, but an overdone steak is a total loss!!


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