I Love Jacques Pepin

My friend Lori A. and I went to go see Jacques Pepin’s cooking class at Central Market Wednesday night and I totally fell in love with him.  I’ve always liked him.  Now it’s the real deal. 

Remember that show he had with Julia Child?  I loved that show.  I thought the way he used to try to correct her and how he tolerated her stubborness was really cute.  Well, Jacques was just as charming in person as I’ve ever seen him on TV.  It’s amazing that he has kept his career going for so many years and still seems to truly enjoy his work.  I’ve never been to a class that I enjoyed more.  Jacques Pepin is like a cooking superhero to me.  I felt really lucky to be there. 

We ate while he cooked.  The class was only an hour long.  Well, maybe he went a little over an hour.  We all got his new book “More Fast Food My Way”.  He signed mine, “Margie, Thank you for coming. Jacques Pepin”.  Beautiful handwriting, I might add.  He talked of how his cooking philosophy had changed over the years.  He prepared very simple fare.  Roasted chicken.  Mashed potatoes. Individual savory cheesecakes.  Chocolates with grapefruit and candied rind.  He would often finish a dish and give it a restaurant price tag.  I think he decided the dessert would be $8.95.  $15.00 for the roasted chicken.  I’d pay that in a heartbeat.  Just listening to him talk about his life and his thoughts on food…  simply charming.  He has a sparkle in his eye that makes me want to cry.  He’s just adorable.

If you ever have a chance to see him, go.  No matter how much it cost, it’ll be worth it.  Because, remember, he won’t be around forever.  And I never did get to see Julia Child.  That is something I deeply regret because now it’s too late.  But, I got to see Jacques Pepin, even talk to him, and that’s something that I’m very, very happy about.


3 responses to “I Love Jacques Pepin

  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. He definitely is a cooking legend. I’ll have to check out his new book.


  2. I’m glad that you got to see him, Marge.


  3. Oh, heavens. What a wonderful, wonderful time you must have had! I grew up watching Jacques Pepin with my Mom, and I remember the show with Julia Child that you referred to as well. Do you remember the show he did with his daughter, Claudine? I am so jealous! I’m glad we have plans to meet in person so that I can hear even more details!!


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