Chicken Fried Steak – Hubbard Style

Hubbard makes the best chicken fried steak!  He made some this weekend.  We used to make a gravy based on his stepdad’s recipe.  Now, we use one from Paul Prudhomme.  Very spicy and way good.  The meat is heavily seasoned and then goes into a milk and egg bath.  After that, dredged in seasoned flour just before he fries it up.  The traditional black iron skillet is the frying pan of choice.  After using a thermometer and trying to be ‘oh so careful’ about the frying temp, Hub finally decided to go back to the traditional ‘throw in a few drops of water’ temperature gauge.  If it crackles back at you, it’s ready to go.  After the frying, the meat goes on a rack and into a warm oven to wait for the other batches to be complete.


Yes, it’s a messy undertaking.  The kitchen is covered with flour by the time it’s done.  But, it’s well worth it.  Where else can you get a chicken fried steak like this?  Does the crust stay on?  Hell, yes, the crust stays on.  Is it fork tender?  Are you kidding?  OK, it’s not in little perfectly round steak pieces.  The super tenderized meat tends to break apart a little with all the dipping and dredging. But who cares?  Some of the best bites are those smaller babies sporting a little extra crust per bite.  Yum.  

I usually make the gravy.  In this picture the mashed potatoes are covered with gravy.  But, his stepdad would take a big spoonful of beans and put them in the well of his potatoes.  It’s good that way.  I love the gravy so much that I prefer to basically drown everything in gravy.  I mean, while your working on your heart attack, you might as well work hard, right?  A salad would be nice and some kind of green vegetable.  But, when it’s just us, we usually just save room for the good stuff and maybe a margarita to go with. 

I should add that this batch was particularly small.  Hubbard usually makes so much that we’re eating this for days.  It nukes well.

Our dessert of choice?  Bluebell ice cream sandwiches really hit the spot.  Then a nap maybe.  What’s that quote from Benjamin Franklin?  “Chicken fried steak is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” 

No, wait.  Maybe that was beer.

Either way.


6 responses to “Chicken Fried Steak – Hubbard Style

  1. Personally, I’ll go with beer but that looks like a major CFS. Yum!

    Makes my braised chicken look timid!


  2. This looks DEEEE-lightful. And anything that goes well with a margarita is good in my book. Or anything with gravy. Crikey, after I have my first heart attack I’ll save you a hot spot in the front row…..


  3. I haven’t fried anything in ages. I saw a George Foreman deep fryer on Serious Eats the other day. It got me thinking that I could use some good fried food. Mmm…


  4. I think Hubbard and I will get along just fine. Chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes WITH GRAVY and Ranch-Style beans. One of the great Texas meals of all time!!!


  5. I know someone who can one-up you on the gravy thing; my brother will actually drink the stuff!


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