Saturday was Pig Day

I am not kidding!  Yesterday Hub said, “You want to go somewhere and have lunch?”.  Silly boy.  Of course, I want to go somewhere and have lunch.  And that idea you had about going the Nasher Sculpture Center after lunch is a must!  It was a beautiful day yesterday, just perfect for a little outdoor fun. 

We decided on Sala Tex Mex.  I was very curious to try a $2 Mexican Mimosa and I had not been to the spot since it was Amuse.  They have a separate brunch menu on Saturdays.  But, we decided to go with the regular menu.  Maybe I should say that we decided to start with a few “starters” and that’s where we ended.  I’ve never seen a chili relleno offered as a “starter”.  This thing was huge!  I wondered whether the lack of rice and beans qualified it as a “starter” because it sure didn’t look like an appetizer to me.  I ordered the cheese relleno and couldn’t even finish the entire thing.  It wasn’t over-battered and was topped with a nice ranchero sauce.  I could have done without the huge pile of tortilla strips it was sitting on.  They were kind of awkward to deal with.

We ordered what they call “The Holy Trinity”.  For $8.25 you got a bowl of queso, guacamole and pico de gallo.  The pico a little less fresh than I might have prefered but the flavor was good.  The queso was mild and pleasantly creamy.  The guac was kind of chunky and exactly what I expect from a decent bowl of guac – mostly avocado and not mushed to death.  The salsas were both good.  One was served warm, one cold.  The chips were a little greasy but salty.  Hub loves salty chips.

Hub had the beef fajita nachos.  They were very good.  The nachos were well covered with refried black beans, white cheese and tiny hunks of beef.  I think there was even some cilantro thrown in there.  The dish came with a side of pico and sour cream.  These really were seriously good nachos.  Nice and crispy.  Yum.

Now, on to that Mexican Mimosa.  I’m not so impressed with this drink.  The Mexican part is the fact that they put tequila in it.  So, you’ve got this mimosa and it tastes like there’s tequila in it.  I don’t think so.  It just didn’t sit right with me.  It was one of those drinks that you kind of want to drink really fast so that you don’t have to actually taste it.  It was just funky. 

On the way over to the Nasher we stopped at City Tavern.  I had some Pinot Grigio and Hub had a Guiness and a Maker’s Mark.  I forgot all about the strange mimosa.  The Nasher is a really nice place and really a perfect size museum for me.  I get a little overwhelmed at the DMA.  There’s just too much of it.  We were going to go by the Wolfgang Puck run cafe in the Nasher for a snack before we left.  Unfortunately, they had just closed.

So, about 7:00 I persuaded Hub to go to Sushi Axiom for dinner.  More pig activity.  We had white tuna sashimi, beef tataki, the Tower of Pisa and veggie & shimp tempura.  After all that and a couple of glasses of sake I was ready for bed!  Luckily, when I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday, I was wrong!  I think I’m going to cook a Dominion Farms chicken today.  Now all I need is the perfect recipe!

Happy Sunday!  Go Cowboys!!!


6 responses to “Saturday was Pig Day

  1. a day spent eating and drinking? the best!! 🙂


  2. My head is hurting just reading about it! Sounds like a great day, though.


  3. Where is City Tavern?


  4. My brain is not working this morning. I had to read through the entire post before I realized that “pig” meant “pig out” and not pork!

    I’d like to try the Mexican mimosa, simply because I’m always up for trying unusual combinations. I agree, though, I’m just not sure how it would work with tequila.


  5. City Tavern in on Main in Downtown. Near Pegasus Plaza. It’s a real little neighborhood joint that isn’t in a neighborhood!


  6. Sounds like my kind of day! I had no idea that Amuse is now a Mexican restaurant…

    So what did you end up doing with the chicken??


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