Leftover Smoked Turkey Hash

OK, OK, that’s a glass of sangria with the hash.  Look at it this way.  We had a fabulous brunch, cheap drinks and didn’t have to pay $75 for it!  We can thank the Dallas Morning News for this.  That’s where he got the idea for the hash.  He used fresh peppers and onions from the yard.  A little Pepper Jack cheese…  damn, that was good!  (Does it still count as brunch if you don’t eat until 2:00 in the afternoon?)



4 responses to “Leftover Smoked Turkey Hash

  1. My kind of breakfast! A little salsa, and I’d be good to go!!


  2. I think like other meals it counts from the time after you wake up. so if it was within X hours of waking up and you didnt do breakfast then yeah, thats brunch…
    Or does brunch only count if you have cantaloupe at the end?
    Regardless, leftovers used again, my favorite!


  3. NICE! I love turkey hash. And I’m sure sangria only makes it that much better!


  4. Now there’s a leftover recipe I can get excited over…


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