Brrrrrrrrr… Thanks, Jimmy’s!

Is it cold enough or what?!  A day when it doesn’t get out of the 20’s is a damn cold day around these parts.  Luckily, the driving was not too scary for me and I was able to go to work.  (Did I just say that?)

So, now I’m thinking about dinner.  I’ve got a lot of stuff in the freezer that I really need to thaw and eat.  I’m kind of bad about that.  I buy stuff and freeze it and then go out and buy new stuff when I’m ready to eat.  I’m not going anywhere tonight, though, with our forecast of freezing fog.  (Huh?)  I’m thinking about thawing out that  Jimmy’s sausage and serving it with red sauce over pasta.  A nice salad and toasty bread. 

Just a side note… if you aren’t on Jimmy’s mailing list then you should be.  That’s how you find out about burrata orders.  Our next round of burrata is coming in this week and I can’t wait.  Have you ever tried their housemade meatballs?  Fabulous.  Plus, when I need  a huge hunk of pork for whatever recipe, they’ve got it super cheap.  They’ve got beef sliced for braciole, too.  That’s one of my Italian favorites to make for guests.  I’m a Jimmy’s addict.


6 responses to “Brrrrrrrrr… Thanks, Jimmy’s!

  1. I have the same problem with the buying and freezing and buying more! I need to take a trip to Jimmy’s soon. Your dinner sounds perfect.


  2. Jimmy’s is in my cell phone so I can call ahead for Cuban sandwiches!


  3. Yeah, I was a little confused by the “freezing fog” too. Did you get much snow at your house? Our neighborhood was pretty much covered, but half a mile away there was nothing on the ground. Crazy.


  4. I have asked my family to take me for my birthday to a Dallas place that serves braciole or brazzoli: i.e. Thin strips of steak rolled like cigars, stuffed with yummies, and baked in a marinara sauce. I’ve yet to see it on a menu here. Please advise.


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