Jimmy’s Food Store’s Website

Jimmy’s finally has a website and it’s just great!  Do check it out.  There’s a little overview of the merchandise they carry.  Of course, they couldn’t list everything.  There’s so much more to see.  They tell about the history of Jimmy’s and post some fun pictures.  They even have a menu with photos of the terrific sandwhiches they sell.  Don’t be fooled by the Cuban.  It’s tastier than it looks in the picture. 

Be sure and subscribe to the newsletter because that’s how I found out that they’re taking orders for burrata right now.  Also, stracchino and robiola can be ordered.  The deadline to order is Thursday the 22nd and the cheese will arrive the week of the 26th.  The burrata only has a shelf life of about 5 days, so be prepared to eat it right away.  You’ll want to eat it in the car, it’s so good.  But, wait until you get home and drizzle a little olive oil and freshly ground black pepper over it.  It’s amazing stuff.  If you’ve never had it, it’s basically a ball of fresh mozzarella with shreds of mozzarella mixed with cream inside.  Very mild cheese.  Great with some speck, proscuitto or bresaola, some olives, crusty bread or crackers… their porchetta is really good, too.  If you want to order, send an email to paul@jimmysfoodstore.com

And remember, Jimmy’s doesn’t go out of their way to charge you as much as they possibly can.  I always find that they charge much less per pound than Central Market.  Plus, it’s just a fun little shop.  Go.  You’ll like it.


2 responses to “Jimmy’s Food Store’s Website

  1. Ooh, thanks for the tip! I’m signing up for the newsletter ASAP.

    I’ve still never actually made it in to Jimmy’s- but someday I’m going to snag one of these famed sandwiches!


  2. I’m out of meatballs. It’s time I head back over to Jimmy’s. My freezer needs it’s meatball fix!


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