I Just Thought I Was Excited

You have got to see that new Whole Foods store. 

I started shopping at Whole Foods way back when the store on Greenville was called Blue Bonnet.  It didn’t take long for Whole Foods to step in and take over.  I thought it was the neatest store back then… we’re talking early 80’s.  I had never been to a store that big with all natural products.  I had never even heard of ginseng or ugli fruit before then.  I loved exploring the aisles.  Eventually, I stopped going there, though.  The store seemed so cramped.  Two people could barely pass each other on an aisle if they were both pushing carts.  Once Central Market opened I didn’t even really think of Whole Foods anymore. 

This new store, though…  it’s completely different.  It’s beautiful!  It’s not at all cramped.  And it’s as green as it can be.  The store is winning award after award for it’s environmentally sound practices, freezer cases, solar lighting, etc.  It seems like every area of the store is about twice as big as the Greenville store.  There were some really good deals that our tour guide, Cookie, pointed out along the way.  Flash frozen fish and chicken products were super values.  They have a little BBQ section where they will sell smoked meats and sandwiches.  They will also smoke anything in the store for you.  There is a pizza oven with real flames leaping up.  Pizzas will be on sale for the month of March for $11.99.  Again, deal.  The baked goods section is much bigger.  They have a whole case of frozen gluten-free baked goods available.  There’s a sandwich bar.  Tons of  “gourmet to go” items.  I think there will be 8 different soups available in the seafood section.  At 7:30 the coffee bar opens, so you can grab something on the way to work.  There’s a long dining area that runs most of the length of the front of the store and outside seating, too.  I’ve heard they were going to have a water fixture outside.  But, I didn’t see that.  They have a concierge service that will do your shopping for you.  It’s really an amazing store.  I just wish it was open today!

We got a nice little re-usable goodie bag.  Mine had a jar of sundried tomato and olive bruschetta topping, a travel coffee carafe, some tomato basil soup, a little bottle of grapefruit scented shampoo, a big bar of dark chocolate and a box of sourdough crackers.  I love free stuff.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, the beer and wine section is seriously big for a grocery store.  A long aisle of beers.  That alone could keep me busy for a few months!

Let me know what you think when you visit.


7 responses to “I Just Thought I Was Excited

  1. did i get a good bag 🙂 LOL

    I cant wait to go…


  2. forgot to mention the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle in the TimeWarner Center was just amazing too…


  3. Sorry, dude. Those bags were a precious commodity!

    I’m not sure this one will be as amazing as the one at TWC. But, it sure as hell beats that old, nasty Minyards! It’ll be a straight shot for you from downtown when you want to visit. They had tons of prepared food bins just waiting to be filled.


  4. Great post, Margie! I know I’m going to be totally jealous of you Lakewood-ers now 🙂


  5. I bet it will be better than the TWC! That one is great, I was there today, but it’s so crowded and underground. Outside of NYC WF’s are better, IMHO.


  6. Margie – we just got a Whole Foods here in Richmond and it is stunning – like a whole new shopping experience! I absolutely love it, and it’s NOT what Iexpected – lots of good values, especially on their store-brand stuff. Ours has a cafe that’s outstanding, as well – one of my favorite places to eat!



  7. Yup, I gotta go now.
    I was pretty close to getting an apartment down that way a few months back and that was on my list of reasons to move there. The woman hated the bathroom of all things… women. But we didnt move there because “hey it aint even open yet and the bathroom sucks here” But now I can use that to my advantage.


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