Bacon Menu at Central Market

Last weekend I was looking for the applewood-smoked bacon at Central Market and was pleasantly surprised to find the once lonely bacon surrounded by interesting sounding bacons of all shapes and sizes.  This immediately threw me into a tailspin.  Lordy, I was intending to throw my apple bacon into a brisket braising liquid.  What a waste.  I need to buy Oscar Meyer for that.  I should eat the apple stuff straight, like we always do.  Only this time, I need to buy some kind of interesting bacon, too.  And it’s a $1.00 off per pound.  And I can get a free t-shirt! 

I decided on my traditional and much loved apple smoked.  My second choice was one called Ten Garlic Clove bacon.  Whoa.  There are actually garlic cloves imbedded in the bacon slices.  I gotta have that.  There were tons of others.  But, I didn’t have the time to stand there and examine the name and shape of each one.  What I needed was a little menu I could take with me or study before I got the man engaged in waiting on me.  So, where’s that?  I couldn’t tell you the name of one other bacon type, though there were about 12 or more.  I think a sampling party might be in order.  Different bacon appetizers?  Wouldn’t that be a tasty little heart attack of an evening?

I took my dollar off coupon.  But, you know, who needs another white t-shirt?  I’m 46 years old for crying out loud.  It did have a picture of a piece of bacon on the shirt.  I resisted.  I’ll leave the bacon t-shirt for the younger, more t-shirt oriented crowd. 

That bacon was damn good, though.


5 responses to “Bacon Menu at Central Market

  1. oh man, that is making me so hungry. I think i’ll need to go by a pound of each variety. Freeze till winter when I make my pinto beans!


  2. Ok. So now I’m supposed to give up my diet?…Ok! I guess inside every thin man is a fat man trying to get out!


  3. We want a bacon tasting party! I’ll bring the wine!!


  4. I’m pretty close in age and by golly I’m going to wear my bacon shirt with pride. Then again, I have a thing about bacon!

    The Beeler family bacons are amazing. And forget wine, Dr Pig can bring home brew (trust me, it’s good beer rather than “Oh, yes, I can tell you made this” beer!)


  5. they have some of the same at the wholefoods in lakewood…but what thought was grand was the cheddar cheese with bacon in it…boy was that hard to resist…


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