No More Coupons from Central Market

Do you believe it?!  They’re going to stop mailing us coupons.  Instead, you’ll get the sale flyer.  I do agree that they’ve been running some much more serious specials and freebies with a purchase.  These could potentially save you much more than the coupons.  But, I don’t know.  I just kind of liked getting them.  Oh well.  I’m sure I’ll adjust!


6 responses to “No More Coupons from Central Market

  1. The free stuff is often a really strange combination of items, many of which I don’t particularly want. One of the ones this week is buy a pound of sockeye salmon and get pita chips and tabbouleh free – not that tempting to me. The other combo goes better but I am not interested in margarita mix, and I hate sour cream.

    This decision may backfire on them because the coupons are one of the reasons I choose Central Market over Whole Foods – even if I’m not using the coupon. Given that a gallon of hormone-free milk costs a dollar less at Whole Foods, I’ll be doing more shopping there. I still like CM, but Whole Foods is just as convenient. I can get alot of the same produce (Driscoll’s strawberries, for example) much cheaper at SuperTarget. I don’t know exactly how I feel about that.


  2. Yeah, but there was nothing like the “$10 off of produce” coupons… that and the free lbs of chicken breast were pretty solid!


  3. that’s too bad! we always found something worth taking advantage of with their coupons. yes, central market isn’t the best “deal” in town, but they have specialty items that you can’t get other places.

    stock up on stuff when you get a coupon and get a pound of fajita meat (or something) for free! no longer 😦


  4. Yeah, and I don’t want to buy 2 lbs of fajita meat in order to get some free chips and salsa. There’s only two of us. I don’t need $20 worth of fajita meat, you know? I liked getting my $10 worth of produce or free pound of this or that. A pound of meat is about all I want to buy of any one thing anyway.

    Whole Foods throws me off a little. I went in to pick up some powdered sugar and ended up having to pay $4 for it because all they had was organic. At least CM has the good stuff and the regular stuff.


  5. I have been driving a long way to Central Market about once a month because I like it and find it reasonably price with the coupons. Now I will go much less frequently and buy less when I go.

    I am closer to Whole Foods and Sprouts, so CM is definitely losing some business from me by discontinuing the coupons.


  6. Because of the loss of coupons, the winners here will be Sprouts, Whole Foods, Walmart and Sams. Yes, Walmart and Sam’s – they have some organic stuff also.

    I agree with the comments about the freebies not being really useful – stuff I wouldn’t buy anyway. So it really doesn’t give me extra value.

    The coupons were really great for me, but now I’m really checking out prices. I always go to more than one store, in any case.


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