Monica’s Aca y Alla for Brunch

We’ve had some hit or miss brunches at Monica’s.  But, what always brings us back is those $1 margarita’s.  I think we’ve finally found the perfect brunch combination and I wanted to pass it on.  First, get a margarita and some Monica’s queso.  This is quite possibly my favorite standard chili con queso in town.  It’s on the thick side with bits of shredded spinach mixed in.  Very good.  And they have those cute, multi-colored chips.  So, have your first margarita with the queso and chips.  Then move on to the breakfast…


We’ve never had a bad experience with El Chicano.  Nice spicy breakfast potatoes.  Fluffy biscuits scrambled egg sandwiches topped with a gravy that has a light chipotle flavor.  A couple of slices of bacon.  Good stuff.  I go ahead and dip my potatoes in the queso now and then.  A little extra gravy…  I can never finish it all.  Plus, they have this breakfast sausage that comes in really big links, if you’re in a meat eating mood.  Have your second margarita with breakfast.  Such a pleasant way to start a Sunday.


6 responses to “Monica’s Aca y Alla for Brunch

  1. That looks really good!


  2. Did Monica’s work out for your veggie friend?


  3. Ohh dear I wish I lived nearby so I could try it, looks scrummy!


  4. I’m drooling. Looks fab!


  5. And have your third margarita…….

    …….after the second one.


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