Hattie’s Tomato Bisque

I’ll tell you what, Hattie’s makes some seriously good tomato bisque.  In fact, it turned out to be the highlight of my brunch.  The Bloody Mary wasn’t too bad either. 


Sorry about the sloppy bowl.  I think I ended up with a bowl instead of a cup.  This was a lot of soup.  So delicious and creamy.  The little grilled cheese sandwich on the side of the bowl was a little cold.  Still, a tasty garnish. 

My Hangtown Scramble looked good.  Topped with what was described as bacon-wrapped fried oysters and hollandaise, how could it go wrong?  Well, the oysters seemed to be fried oyster croquettes wrapped in bacon.  There was definitely some kind of breading involved and I never could really identify an oyster.  It was fine.  But, frankly, it wasn’t what I thought I was ordering.


Looks good, though, doesn’t it?  Did I mention that they make really terrific Bloody Marys?


4 responses to “Hattie’s Tomato Bisque

  1. …where is the celery, olives, lime, and black pepper in that BM…


  2. …oh and was it made with bacon infused vodka?…it is quite tasty…


  3. Last Easter we made several batches of Bloody Marys with pepper flavored vodka. Let me tell ya. They were damn good. Of course, we were all three sheets before we sat down for dinner. Gotta love family functions. Oh, and the Bloody Marys.


  4. Happy Birthday!


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