Ad Hoc Pork Belly Continued

It seems I’m not so stupid after all.  Ad Hoc’s Pork Belly Confit will keep in the lard it cooked in for a week.  That’s a good thing.  Because, while I got up and stuck it in the oven on Sunday, a short while later I was down for the day.  Hubbard and I went to brunch at The Grape and about the time my burger arrived (finally arrived) I was stuck with the urge to barf, faint or both.  I continued to be sick as a dog through Sunday and yesterday.  My fever has finally broken.  And my trusty Pork Belly is waiting in the fridge.  I guess I’ll try pressing it later tonight if I feel a little better.  I’m not quite up to eating it yet.  Hey, at least it’s not just ruined because I went down and couldn’t get back up!


6 responses to “Ad Hoc Pork Belly Continued

  1. Get to feeling better. I’m dying to see pics of this pork belly!!


  2. If fully covered in lard and there is no liquid in the pan it will keep for WAY longer than a week. I would also highly recommend cutting it while cold, then letting it come to room temp.

    Also, here’s a time saving tip any time you make brine. Divide the recipe quantity of water in half. Use the first half to cook your brine and dissolve the salt. Add the second half in the form of ice water.


  3. Kevin, you’re so clever! Of course, that makes total sense.


  4. If any of you want to eat this fabulous pork belly without going through all this trouble, Tillman’s Roadhouse Dallas now has it on their sunday Blunch menu. Crispy Pork Belly Confit with sunny side up farm fresh eggs, Garlic Thyme biscuit-n-gravy, lemon shallot green beans. Yum!


  5. yum is right, K.

    M, is it ready yet?


  6. you’ve either gluttoned yourself on pork belly, or have tackled another 6 day recipe from AdHoc…off to eat some German food today in Roanoake…


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