The End of the Belly Saga

It’s a great day.  My wireless is working again!  So, here’s a little recap of the pork belly process in pictures…

The brine ingredients sans water…

The lard…

The pork belly in the lard…

Then it went into a 200 degree oven for hours and hours.  Cooled.  Went into the fridge for days.  Finally, I pull it out of the lard.  Cut off the less thick end and cut it into some hunks…

Into a frying pan they go.  I brown the fatty side.  Then I stick the skillet into a 350 degree oven and leave the pork to cook a bit too long.  No need to panic, I’ve still got a big hunk left in the fridge submerged in lard.

It may be a bit overdone on the outside.  But, the inside is still tender and moist.  The flavor is fabulous.  All Hubbard said was, “yum” and promptly inhaled three pieces.

Would I do it again?  Yes.  For a dinner party it would be lovely to serve.  I think Kevin’s idea of serving it for a brunch dish is fantastic.  In fact, I may cook the other half today.  I can see a few hunks with a nice salad.  We went to the White Rock Farmer’s Market at Green Spot yesterday and purchased some fresh, homegrown Romaine lettuce, tomatoes and homemade Ranch dressing.  Add a little pork and I may well cry.



One response to “The End of the Belly Saga

  1. I’m waiting on your next post. I’m still not believing that there is an easy Thomas Keller recipe. hehe…


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