Cinco de Mayo at Work

Who says you can’t have fun at work?  We got the idea for a taco bar this year.  The day started with taquitos for breakfast, thanks to Ox.  When lunch rolled around we luckily, we had Gary, the brisket master, on staff.  Cindy brought pulled chicken.  Becky brought the ground beef.  Corn tortillas, flour tortillas, taco shells and all the taco fixings.

Guacamole, tortilla roll-ups, refried black beans, Spanish rice, queso, tortilla chips of all shapes and sizes along with pico de gallo and two homemade salsas.  It was all delicious!  Laura brought some limeade so that we could at least pretend to have Margaritas.

Cindy is a conservative eater, though I thought she put together a pretty good looking plate.

Josue, on the other hand, is not afraid to pile it on.  This is just one of this plates.  He ate every bite and more.

And you know me…  brisket taco, chicken taco, beans, rice and guac with a little plate of queso and chips on the side.

Just when you think it might be time to put it all away…  a wave of nacho “Supreme” makers come on the scene.  Chips, some meat, queso, peppers, etc.  It was just about all gone by the time we finally gave up.

Did I forget to mention strawberry shortcake?  That, too!  I forgot how fun that squirty whipped cream is.

Sadly, tomorrow is only May 6th.  Oh well… there’s always July 4th!


4 responses to “Cinco de Mayo at Work

  1. Looks like you guys had a great day at work 🙂
    Everything looks delicious….


  2. Erica chorley

    Hi I really enjoy your blog. I am taking a chance and hoping you get my question. It is our 19th anniversary. I wanted to try a number of places you mention. Unfortunately most places are closed on Sunday nights. We only have a babysitter tonight and have no idea where to go. We were thinking the grape or alma? We never get out and would love any suggestion. If you do not get this in time, thanks anyways! Love your blog:)


  3. Sent you an email! Thanks for the kind words!


  4. Hi – Came across your site today while doing some research. Very informative – I was not familiar with Artizone. I own Brisket Heaven, we sell moist, tender, oven-roasted brisket, vacuum-sealed by the half pound. Our other specialties are gluten-free, lard-free brisket tamales and a spicy jalapeno salsa. We deliver, and we’re currently at the farmers markets at II Creeks Plaza in Richardson on Saturdays and Eastside Richardson on Sundays. We’d love for you to come sample our brisket and salsa! (we don’t have samples of the tamales, but they are packaged by the 1/2 dozen and come with a money-back guarantee! If you come by, let me or Jonny know it’s you! Thanks!


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