Chef’s Picnic at White Rock Photos

You’ll have to forgive me.  My camera lens obviously had a little smear of somthing on it that I didn’t notice.  But, I’ve got to show you the pictures of the Chef’s Picnic at White Rock Lake’s Centennial Celebration this past Sunday.

If you go around back at the Bath House Cultural Center the place is usually locked up.  Not today…  it’s ready for a party!

So many great chefs came together for this event.  Check out this link for the details.  The food was amazing and the open bar wasn’t too bad either.

Look  at these beautiful salads…


Add some grilled chicken, sausage, smoked brisket…

A few more sides and you’ve got yourself a damned good lunch!

There won’t be another 100 year celebration at White Rock.  But if you see an event like this again, packed with fantastic local chefs, grab a ticket and go!  It was well worth the price and a terrfic afternoon.


3 responses to “Chef’s Picnic at White Rock Photos

  1. this isnt a food comment…why are there stairs leading into a wading pool?


  2. Who knows?! We were curious, too. On the other side there are stairs leading to the Ladies lockeroom. Maybe they wanted you to get all the crap off your feet before you went to take a shower or something…?


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