Urban Crust in Plano

I know… I never eat outside my little comfort zone.  But, we had a birthday party to attend in Plano and Hubbard wanted to show me their cute little historic downtown area.  And it was very cute!  Lots of little shops and an amazing amount of restaurants and bars in such a small area.  Our original plan was to go to Jorg’s Cafe Vienna.  They were on vacation.  Our friend Justin had recommended Urban Crust, too.  So, that’s where we went.

The interior is tad upscale for a pizza place.  They have a full bar and a wood burning pizza oven.  When they sat down the little appetizer bread basket with a finely chopped tomato basil topping and some tapenade, I immediately forgot about schnitzel.

Both of the bread toppings were very tasty.  The tomato was bright and flavorful and the tapenade wasn’t overpowering.  I wish mine at home was that good.  We started with calamari.  I was tempted by the carpacio.  But, I figured, why not start with a tried and true favorite.  Plus, calamari can tell you a lot about what’s going on in the kitchen.  Is it battered nicely?  Is it tough or chewy?  Does it look real?  This looked like the real deal.

Served in a cute little fryer basket, the calamari was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Marinara and a mayo based dipping sauce accompanied the basket.  I asked our server what was the flavoring in the mayo sauce and she said, “They won’t tell us”.  Well, it was good.  Whatever it was.

The pizza we chose was one of their specialty pizzas.  Goat cheese, arugula, fig preserves and proscuitto drizzled with balsamic glaze.  They will grate fresh Parmesan for you at the table. 

It was a great looking pizza.  The crust was very nice.  Kind of chewy and supported the ingredients well.  But, I think I’d order a different pie next time.  This one kind of went over the top with the sweetness of the preserves and balsamic on the same pizza.  The ingredients were all fresh and tasty, though.  And if I ever go back to Plano…  I wouldn’t mind stopping in again.


7 responses to “Urban Crust in Plano

  1. that pizza looks like a 3 year old dumped a load of cut grass on it


  2. It didn’t taste like it! I thought it was pretty. I did wish that the meat had been cooked to make it saltier, cutting the sweetness a little more. It was kind of “almost there”… great crust though.


  3. good deal…i like a crispy crust


  4. you are so spot on i love it. the chefs love a crispy crust


  5. Angie wilkinson

    Rude snotty staff, very unaccommading!


  6. Angie wilkinson

    Rude hostess – very unaccommadating.


  7. Heard there were gonna be some sweet deals at Mckinneyrestaurant.com soon. Think that thay are doing the coupon incentive thing for restaurants and stores dallas has too. storesdallas.com I think is the site. Hope they get this place signed up


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