Stackhouse Burger

Thanksgiving was behind us.  We needed a burger house and decided to try the new place with the spectacular view of downtown, Stackhouse Burger.  It’s just up the street from Baylor Hospital.  Unfortunately, we were there on a super windy, kinda chilly afternoon.  No great view of downtown for us.  We ate inside.

The place is pretty small but very well appointed.  I really liked the look of it.  Lots of natural light.  You order at the register and then they bring the food to the table.  You decide if you want a single, double, etc…  then the toppings come at an additional cost.  I think lettuce and tomato comes with it.  There’s a list of additional toppings.  You can get wine and beer.  Our order consisted of a cheeseburger with grilled onion and bacon, an order of the housemade potato chips with homemade carmelized onion dip and a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato.  We also got a beer and a glass of Savignon Blanc.  It was about $35.  Not horrible.  But, not cheap either.

Hub ordered his burger pink.  The choices were pink and well done.  He thought that maybe his burger was a bit more on the red side when it arrived.  But, he did think it tasted great, though it was messy.  I didn’t confirm, but the rolls look like those fabulous Empire Bakery buns.  He said he would order it next time with less stuff.  My bite was delicious.

The grilled cheese was good.  Could have been a little more melted.  But, the bacon and tomato really made it a meal.  Yummy.  The star of the show was the house made potato chips.  Really good.  I like blue cheese, but we really didn’t need it.  The dipping sauce, a basic French onion dip, was perfect.  I could go for some right now.  They should make a bigger deal of the chips.  The only reason I knew about them was that someone mentioned them on a blog.

I’m ready to check it out again.  Then, maybe go across the street to The Elbow Room for a drink at the bar.  Or have some knives sharpened at Viega!


2 responses to “Stackhouse Burger

  1. I’ve been hearing about this place…i need to go try it out stat!
    there is a place in OKC called Cheevers (i think) and they have homemade potato chips like this with more of a blue cheese sauce…OMG i die!! so good on a sunday with brunch and this vodka martini with honey and fresh cracked black pepper….


  2. SO many people have been talking about Stackhouse burger lately, and after seeing those chips I’m definitely gonna have to try this place out. Great blog btw! subscribing.


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